IGHT. So, well just our/ my “DAILY CHECK IN”. Ive decided to try and stop any sort of addiction and refrain from them in the future. My parents, some uncles/ aunts and some grandparents came to know and told me their point of views and gave some knowledge. They also…


I figured that i wanted change in my life.. so i gotta change myself right. Whenever i speak w you guys I start thinking of myself as a “lawrencian” and some dirty ass attitude comes into me, into the words i use and into my thought process. Ive thought…

Hi man, if youre reading this it must be 10 years from now… OMGGG!!!! That is exactly.. on…..31st November 2030. ( today is 4th november 2020.. i had lotta work… have*.. but yeah just found the time now)


Ok so, let me tell you

Remember i told…



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